Working together for a brighter future

September 30 - October 7, 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
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In the spirit of the fifth commandment, we invite you to join us in Geneva as we honor the spiritual fathers whose faith radically shifted and shaped their society. The fruit of their courage is still impacting the world half a millennium later.

Come gather in the city of Calvin to recognize the rich heritage of the Reformation and to ask God to sweep through this place once again, igniting a generation of reformers who will carry the torch of hope across the world.

This is an exciting time to be alive, not only to see with our eyes, but to participate in this Kairos moment in history.

Bedros Nassanian

12 Hours of Fasting, Prayer and Worship

Reviving Hope

September 30 | 10H - 22H

Crying out to God for Geneva and the Nations!

This day is a CALL to the Body of Christ to come together as a sacred assembly to humble ourselves in the atmosphere of worship, crying out to God for Geneva and the Nations!

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Three days of transformational teaching

School of Reformation

October 2 - 4

Laying biblical foundation to sustain a move of God

This year's theme, Building on the Legacy of the Fathers, will be unpacked through the co-teaching of several Swiss spiritual fathers and the sons following in their footsteps. These will be joined by international guest speakers including Dr Dan Juster, Mel Tari, Stacey Campbell and many more.

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Learning from History

Reformation Tour

October 5 - 7

Geneva is a city where the nations converge!

Sign up for a guided tour and learn how the movement that arose in Geneva became an international movement.

Everything that is done here, in Geneva, has a direct impact on every person on this planet, in any 24 hour period.
-- Michael Mohler, Director General of the United Nations Geneva

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Honouring the Legacy

500 Years Commemoration

October 7

Honoring the legacy of the Reformation in Geneva.

The Reformation was a major event in our spiritual, cultural and social history. As part of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, initiated by Luther and advanced by many great reformers, we will gather as local and international residents of Geneva to commemorate Geneva’s role as the epicenter of this historical movement and to highlight its impact that has continued for 500 years.

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